So much of what we hear about today is gloom and doom. I decided to create a blog where I and others can come for a little bit of happiness and maybe even truly can be the best medicine. I hope these entries share a smile or two. Enjoy!

Sunday, January 22, 2012

A Night with the Scots

Okay, it has been forever since I posted.  The holidays will do that to you.  Last night I had such a lovely evening that I decided I must do a post.  My brother-in-law Justin is part Scottish.  He told us about a birthday celebration for the Scottish poet Robert Burns.  We decided to go.  Justin has a kilt from Scotland.  We rented one for Paul from the Hale Center Theater costume department.  Yes, Paul was a great sport to brave the breeze on a snowy night.  It was a formal affair so my sister Patricia and I dressed to the nines (thanks to my sister's fabulous dress collection).  The food was phenomenal, the poetry moving, and the company divine...all in all a wonderful night.  We are definitely going again next year.

Truly Scrumptious

I attend a neighborhood cooking class that meets every other month.  Our class back in November was on how to make professional chocolates.  I decided to try some this month.  I made Almond Truffles with Flue de Sel (fancy way to say sea salt).  I found some recipes I liked, did my normal tweaking and the stuck my hands in chocolate and this is what I came up with.  Of course I had to make them la-de-da, which is just as fun for me.  Don't ya just love the wax seal...tre fancy. 

Saturday, November 26, 2011

My Thanksgiving Weekend

It turns out that a friend of mine from HS, Hraefn, lives in SLC...has for years and never knew it.  He is in business with a amazingly talented gal, Jennifer McGrew, owner of McGrew Studios.  (Okay, they are both amazingly talented.)  Jennifer made the elf costumes for the downtown alliance this year and Hraefn asked if I might be able to help in the finishing touches.  (I really did very little, but I'll take credit whenever I can.)  I mainly just stitched the leather cuffs so they'd stay in place.  Jennifer came up with the design AND did the darling shoes!  If you are ever downtown, go to Pierpont Ave. and stop by her shop.  You'll love it!

Look at Me!

I have to show off my new outfit.  I feel so stylin' I can't even stand it!  It was just the thing to wear to the Utah Short Film Festival at the U a few weeks ago.  (By the way, you should check some of them out.  I voted for "Cops and Robbers" -  and "Nuit Blanche", which I've posted here ~watch it on full screen for the best effect.)  The evening was so enjoyable and felt fabulous in my lah-de-dah fashion!

Monday, October 24, 2011

Here's a Smile for You

I know this is a few months old, but I just love it.  It makes me want to twirl alone or with those I love.  Check it out and go twirl today.  You'll feel better for it.

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I made a Hat

As some of you know, my friend Emily puts on a fabulous Witches' Tea Party every year.  It is something I look forward to, and once summer comes around I start thinking of my costume.  This year I wanted to do a non-traditional hat.  I researched photos on the web and finally knew what I wanted.  With the help of my sister Jennifer, I got my posterboard, purchased THE last black rose in the state and with much trepidation set out to make the perfect hat.  Well, it is by no means perfect, but I love how it came out.
Whajathink?  I know; I know ~ I'm so la-de-da you can't stand it! ;-)

Then I made a Cape

Okay, now that I had the perfect hat I decided I MUST have the perfect cape to go with it.  Actually, I had started making a cape for last year's costume and ran out of time.  So, in September I pull out my supplies from last year and got started, and what do you know......I didn't buy enough of the absolutely amazing fabric I wanted to line the cape with.  I went back to the store and of course they no longer carry this fabric.  Well, it was just too divine to toss, nothing even came close to its diviness, so I "made it work" (to quote Tim from Project Runway).  The cape is totally reversible and even without my fancy-smancy hat, the hood is fun to wear and makes me oh so mysterioso.  
So here I am in all my glory off to Emily's fabulous party.  She out does herself every year and I had a wonderful time.  (I've included a photo of my spooky cupcakes that I brought.)